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After a while I’m sure people are sick of hearing from me. We get it, they say, you’re an atheist, and a writer, and you read lots of books, and you may or may not be gay or you may just making that joke to make us give a shit about your writing, and you have a wonderful beard, shut up already, gaawwwww. Yep.  That’s what’d they say, and I’m not just quoting my mother-in-law. This blog is not solely dedicated to my voice and opinion. I welcome many of my friends and colleagues to write their own reviews for this blog to offer my reader diversity, as well as to bring in different opinions.

Today I have managed to get the voice of a brilliant young woman who did not pay me to write that she is brilliant. She did, but that’s not the point. A few years ago, for a school project, she was expected to give a presentation over the various authors and ideas covered in her Freshman Year Honors course and produced a comic essay over the works of: Maus by Art Spiegleman, Was ist Aufklärung? by Immanuel Kant, and The Spy Who Came in From the Cold by John Le Carre.

I won’t say anymore, since her words will speak for themselves. Please enjoy the first Guest Author on a White Tower Essay:




Author Bio:

M.E. Smith

M.E. Smith does not consider herself a writer, but if given the chance would become a traveling storyteller. She herself has a blog, but rarely adds to it. Every Saturday she has tea with Ted the Voodoo Man and they discuss the philosophy of Kant and Deathnote. Even though she is not a fan of politics, she considers herself a Bull Moose Progessiveist and has wanted to become a dandizette.

M.E. Smith is currently studying history at the University level. As of this writing her goals are to join an archive and work in that field while, in her spare time, enjoying tea and Dr. Who. She would like it to be made clear that her older brother, who hosted this article, is a butt.

Wait…what was that last part?