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I met the writer of this article around three years ago in an English Literature course, and I recognized immediately that the man was either a certified genius or the greatest Wacko since Wacko and yes that is a reference to the Animaniacs.  Anthony Bertrand eventually became my friend and, while we usually disagreed on topics ranging from feminism, politically correct language, and whether or not Kylo Ren was a great villain in the new STAR WARS movie, for the record he was, there was never any animosity in the relationship.  Instead a real mutual recognition of intellectual ability developedAnthony would show me the five minute short of the Beta Deadpool on YouTube and it became clear there was no person on earth as desperate to see the film as himself.  As soon as I saw the first commercials for it, I knew what his reaction would be, a combination of girlish squeals followed by awkward drooling.  Still, when the opportunity to see the film with him came up I jumped at the chance.  I thought at first about writing a review of the film, given the fact that it’s the first “superhero” movie I’ve seen in the last three years that was decent, fucking awesome in fact, but recognizing my friends passion and reminding myself that I want multiple perspectives on this blog, I invited him to write a review.  The following 666 words, not including his bio, are a love letter to the  Deadpool movie, however I should forewarn the reader that there is no spooning so it’s intimate, but not that intimate.

Please enjoy:

A Deadpool Review

                This is not your average super hero movie, for that matter, it should probably be said that Deadpool is not your average anything movie. Where a majority of modern films deadpool_clip_hd.0seem to be easily categorized and are largely sanitized to ensure maximum audience appeal, Deadpool is a movie that seems quite comfortable to give a big middle finger to its own producers and to the attitude of major studios in general. The generally flippant nature of this underlying attitude fits quite nicely with the overall tone of the movie as it dances between the lines of being a pseudo romantic comedy, a juvenile actioner, and a fourth wall breaking meta infused criticism of common Hollywood tropes.

Let it be said upfront that the movie itself is something that will certainly not be for deadpool-gallery-05everyone. For those in the audience that don’t have a familiarity with past Marvel films (especially Wolverine: Origins) or past Marvel comic content, some of the more nuanced jokes will probably be lost. This is by no means a deterrent however, as the film stands quite comfortably on its own two feet. The film is rife with witty dialogue that was crafted to poke major holes in the more commonly practiced behavior of millennial snark humor as seen in movies such as Avengers 2 or Terminator: Genesys. Despite the underlying level of intelligence in the film, there is a clearly defined measure of what is best called “locker room humor” that will most certainly ensure that anyone in deadpool-spoiler-talk-best-of-and-about-that-end-credits-scene-837830the audience who may be sensitive to an overabundance of foul language or sexual dialogue and violence may be easily offended. Honestly, that type of behavior is refreshing, especially in the modern age of heavily sanitized filmmaking where even the brutal violence of a time travelling homicidal cyborg is neutered down to a PG-13 rating to ensure maximum ticket sales.

Now that I have that extensive disclaimer and overall analysis out of the way, let me stop and take a minute here to tell you, the reader, that watching the Deadpool movie was both exciting and enjoyable. Not only is the movie unique in the ever widening library of super hero actioners, it is a unique and unabashedly grimy yet realistic portrayal for the titular character and his world. This is the world outside the safely clean halls of Xavier’s Cbrt597UYAAU1namansion, and outside the sterile yet increasingly facepalm worthy snark of the Avengers. The world is dirty, brutal, and on many levels very fresh and enjoyable. The type of humor to be found within the movie is relentless, covers almost every single moment of the film, and leaves only brief seconds for truly serious drama placed quite effectively within a sea of off the wall jokes, jabs, and parodic references that will remind any learned filmgoer of the lost era of Mel Brooks.

There is most definitely a serious plot to be had within Deadpool, and yet the story, much


Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) pauses from a life-and-death battle to break the fourth wall, much to the dismay of his comrades Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) and Colossus (voiced by Stefan Kapicic).

like the character narrating can appear disjointed and nonsensical. The film expects its audience to be invested in the small details and passing commentary which serves to advance the plot despite the camouflage of being yet another in an endless stream of jokes. At a surface level, Deadpool can easily be seen as juvenile, pointless, and even a vociferously vile visitation into a vexingly verbose vindicator’s vapidly villified environment. See what I did there? Yeah I like that movie a lot too! Again, there is a connection between this second, not openly named film (kudos to those who get it) and Deadpool itself. Though they are very different films, both work meticulously to instill within the viewer an awareness of an underlying dialogue and use subtle yet meaningful dialogue to develop an awareness within those viewers willing to look beyond the mere surface presentation that exists.

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie, support this team of creative minds, and maybe you will walk away with a smile as I did.



About the Author: Anthony is a modern hermit, a total recluse who most people may not know, and the few that do could only tell you a little about. Having grown up in the wild Jungles of Central America, and aboard a ship sailing the blue waters of the Caribbean, his viewpoints and perceptions are quite different from what most people would consider “normal”. For him, the world written about in books and the men and women hailed as heroes in literature and stories were the ideals to aspire to. Imagine his disappointment when he finally got a taste of ‘real life’ in America around age 12. Anyway, that’s a bit off topic isn’t it? The point is, he’s terrible at socializing but maybe he’s at least passable in the field of written works.