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A few weeks back a friend of mine asked me if I knew any good books about Feminism or Queer Theory.  I might have suffered a small stroke for space and time converged momentarily and I transcended mortality to reach the Palace of Infinite Wisdom where Ul-Thath the Bear awaited with my jacket and glasses and….anyway I said, “Yeah sure, I’ll make up a list and give that to you.  I have an entire shelf in my library dedicated to the subject, and what should have been five minutes became and a few hours of searching through my library, the bibliographies in the back of that, Amazon, goodreads, and just a quick Google Search.  I eventually compiled a WORKING list and emailed it to her.

She thanked me for the help and forwarded the list to a friend.  Once she mentioned the list in casual conversation a co-worker overheard the conversation and demanded a copy of the list and then another.

On the whole I distrust lists but it was a 14 book list that eventually got me involved in Queer Theory and so I realized that more and more people could use such a list.

As such I created a new blog which serves now as a functioning list of books for anyone interested in gender studies, masculinity studies, sex, sexual health, sexual rhetoric, Trans studies, Queer studies, Queer Theory, and everything in-between.

This list is ONLY about being a resource.  I cannot in good conscience call myself an authority in Queer Theory because there is no such thing.  But anyone interested in sexuality, masculinity, feminism, gender, or just what Queer is in general is welcome to this site.




If you are interested, or curious (I don’t judge) follow the link below