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I recently wrote an article for the site Metopia run by my good friend Jason Walker. It was originally going to just be about reading multiple books, but halfway through I realized that I needed to include some reference to suicide and Alert Camus’s book The Myth of Sisyphus. You can find the whole article on Mr. Walker’s site.


Last week, my good friend and colleague Joshua “Jammer” Smith did me the honor of allowing me to post a guest essay on his wonderful blog White Tower Musings. In case you missed it, just click on these words right here that are in that weird shade of blue and you can go read it. Once again, I will encourage you while you’re there to read his other stuff. He is a prolific writer, much more so than I, and he reviews books from every genre imaginable. So, yeah…go read him…only not before you read this because that would be rude!

Anyway, I told Jammer that I would happily welcome a guest post by him on my humble blog. Today, he has honored me once again by doing just that. I have to be honest, his essay has come at a particularly important time and covers a particularly relevant…

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