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I was recently Googling my name, because I am that fucking pathetic, but also because I was seeing what possible employers would see if they Googled me, which I’m told is a thing now. White Tower Musings was the first post that popped up followed by Facebook and LinkedIN, I saw my NASSR Posts and then of course came Supplemental Instruction where I worked for about 4 years. Then near the bottom was something called Microfiction Mondays Magazin that had my name. I clicked it and discovered at the bottom of the page was a poem the magazine had published back in February.

It’s an odd moment realizing you’ve been published. Even odder when you never got the message. Anyway, here it is the first of my published creative work. The work is titled “Prometheus Bound” and you can find it on the bottom of the page.

Hope you enjoy.

Microfiction Monday Magazine

This week’s artwork is “Cardboard Dreams” by Emily Story.


The Least of These
by Mir-Yashar Seyedbagheri

Ever since his wife left with that priest, Matthew hangs out at bars. He drinks like a peasant, listens to trains wailing, lies about Betty. She’s dead, he says. He drowns their halcyon days, when responsibility was a shadow, throwing Junior Mints at children. Driving past apartments, mooning strangers. Swapping identities. His mind swishes over her note that read: I need a higher purpose. You too. He lies to fallen princesses around jukeboxes, says she had cancer, loved him wholeheartedly. If he keeps talking, to the moon, the emptiness, he’ll almost believe it, a man among the least of these.

Silent Thoughts
by Romalyn Ante

I rocketed from the steel chair, flopping the dated magazine onto the table. I was certain I’d felt the weight of your fingers running down my arm. A…

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