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Be Wary of Wackadoodles.

If you don’t know what a Wackadoodle is, I’m afraid you’re mistaken because they’re everywhere, you just try to ignore them because seeing them and recognizing them is unpleasant.  Much like a pimple, or a mole on your arm that keeps growing, you try to ignore it, or else you try to lance/pop it which tends to leave you in pain.  Wackadoodles are obnoxious creatures, but what makes them so damn frustrating is the fact that they blend in with those people who are actually trying to do good things and just make sure that everybody is okay.

This Morning in Dallas Five Police Officers were gunned down by a lunatic who wanted to kill white people during a Black Lives Matter march.  Earlier this week at least three black men were shot by police.  These are tragedies and just about everyone on the face of the earth recognized this…almost everyone.

Before Alton Sterling was even cold, and before anybody could bother to ask whether or not Diamond “Lavish” Renyold’s daughter was okay, or as okay as a four-year-old child could be after watching her mother’s boy friend get shot by a police officer less than a foot away from her, people, Wackadoodles, were already screaming All Lives Matter.  Some Wackadoodles were also shouting out Blue Lives Matter.  Likewise before these men were given a chance to be recognized a victims of tragedy their names were already being sullied by News media outlets (both liberal and conservative) as petty thugs who criminals and so therefore not worthy of the bullets that killed them.

The Wackadoodles in this instance were the people who wanted to label the Black Lives Matter Movement as the ones responsible rather than the actual police officers who fucked.

This morning in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter march, a lone gunman shot five police officers because he hated white people and because he felt the Black Lives Matter movement wasn’t violent enough for his taste.  Before the cops were even named Black Matter became a paria and the talking heads at once began to draw sides.

The rest of us were trying to breath.

It’s been a rotten week, a rotten month, a rotten year, and Wackadoodles are having the time of their life.

It’s important to differentiate between the Wackadoodles and normal people however, for right now the struggle is to sift through the bullshit and find what’s real.  I’m an unapologetic supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, but before I can continue half of the readers have labeled me a “cop killer sympathizer” and probably somebody who spits on cops and calls them “pigs.”  This attitude reveals the extent of the damage Wackadoodles.  There are many sane, competent people in Black Lives Matter who want only, and I repeat only, to make sure that when black people are victims of tragedy and violence that real justice can be done and that they are no longer disproportionately profiled by police forces.

There are Wackadoodles however, that actually want to kill cops.  The problem is Wackadoodles are often chameleons.  A great example would be the feminist movement.  Despite the naysayers feminism is first and foremost the idea that men and women are equal philosophically, economically, individually, politically, etc.  The feminist movement was started because even in the 1960s there wasn’t any law on the books to handle issues like wage disparity or marital rape.  Women began to protest to try and acquire real civil liberties.  While they were doing so the Wackadoodles joined their party.  The Wackadoodles that call themselves feminists typically scream about the abolishing of all male roles and call for a woman led only society.  This is often a cartoon character pulled out by news media and political pundits and bad political satirists.  Because the Wackadoodles are camouflaged by the word “feminist” however, the women who genuinely care about making sure everybody’s equal are permanently damaged by the association.  As such when a woman says she’s a feminist, the Wackadoodle parasite poisons her argument before she can even begin.cop-protesting

Black Lives Matter began not long after Michael Brown was gunned down by the police.  While he was not innocent of any crime as we later found out, he was still an unarmed man who deserved a fair trial by jury.  He didn’t deserve to be shot.  Since the fires of Ferguson, Black Lives Matter has become an important and controversial political movement in America because they are no quiet about it.  The Black Lives Matter movement has been infected by Wackadoodles however because like feminists before them, the Wackadoodles camouflaged into their ranks.

A few individual citizens, who possess more anger than other, have assumed the mantel of representatives for Black Lives Matter and called for the death or attack of police officers.  Because film editing is easy, and because nuance is no longer part of public vocabulary, these Wackadoodles become the face of the organization while the good people who want to make sure that cops do their jobs right are left defending their movement rather than being able to actually do anything.

Wackadoodles are good chameleons, entering every political party, social club, book club, D &D click, etc. and eventually they entered government.  Wackadoodles thrive in politics because two party systems allow for othering, the process of treating people as if they aren’t human, and Wackadoodles devour this kind of rhetoric and attitude the way most of us inhale lobster or shrimp.  But beyond the surface level of government sometimes Wackadoodles infect the acting aspects of government including law enforcement.  This creates problems.  Following Bloody Sunday, the Rodney King beating, Michael Brown’s death, Tamir Rice’s death, and now most recently the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, Police have become the familiar monsters that people need to blame problems on.

I won’t deny that police have, in the past, always freaked me out but that stems more from my childhood and the developed lack of trust I have concerning authority figures.  No matter what, I will never condone the murdering of police officers for it is a cowardly and despicable rhetoric that only further divides us.  Part of the reason I live where  I do is because I live next door to two police officers.  Nice people who always smile and talk to me when I say hello, and the thought that someone could hate them simply because of their uniforms is repulsive.

Wackadoodles have infected the police force, and because people cannot differentiate between Wackadoodles and regular people, cops become the enemy that only leads to further violence like Dallas.

Wackadoodles are not going anywhere, and they will never completely disappear.  It’s ridiculous to ask people not to be angry, just as it’s pointless to ask people not to react to violent atrocities.  In moments of tragedy however Wackadoodles work their hardest to hide their work.  Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, Cops are killers, Cops are heroes, this divisional rhetoric serves only to fuel rather than soothe emotion.  People are people, and people are hurting, and people will continue to hurt.  In these moments however giving into anger, rather than crying and processing grief for those lives lost is only proof that Wackadoodles are good at their job.

This essay reeks of self-righteousness I know, but my effort as the writer isn’t to tell people how to live, it’s simply to act as a kind of cold shower.  People are dead, or dying, but already I’ve heard the tones and read the Facebook posts and listened to pundit after pundit tell me that X person represents everything that Group A stand for, and rather than hear somebody speak up and remind this person that life is about nuance and details and sometimes there are just Wackadoodle assholes, the people who are trying to do good work in our world, like the Black Lives Matter supporter who just wants to make sure people get justice, or the cop who doesn’t have a bad mark on her record and just wants to help her community, these people are getting screwed.

Be wary of Wackadoodles, because the impulse to join them, or believe that they honestly have any other agenda other than violence, is what got us here in the first place.