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About a year back I published an article that reviewed a short story, Burying Fletcher by Sue Newcomb Mowrer.  As I explained there, as I’m explaining now, Mrs. Mowrer is a friend of mine and so when she asked if I would review the short story for this site I agreed, honored that someone actually thought this site had real merit.  That and the opportunity for promotion is something I understand completely.

When she posted on Facebook just the other day that her most recent short story How Hiram Really Died and What Came After, I knew she would eventually ask if I could write another review for it.  Due to issues with other writing projects, not to mention just starting work at the Tyler Public Library, I realized I wouldn’t have the time to write the review the story deserves, however I can publish a link to the article here, confident my regular reader might take the time to read the work of a truly gifted woman who brings a real voice to her writing and leaves the reader with an impression that they have known the characters and experience depicted therein.

I do hope you take the time to read the story dear reader, not just for me, but for the chance to read a contemporary writer who brings the voice of an America that doesn’t always exist anymore, or at least doesn’t get the same time on stage as the rest.  Such voices are precious, and shouldn’t be forgotten.