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A man goes into a bathroom to take a piss.  Another man walks up, whips it out, and starts to pee.  The men look at each other’s cocks, smile, and start to fool around.  In the middle of their fun another man walks in and joins in, the next man who walks in is a sailor, this is followed by a young student, then a black man in a suit, and finally a biker dressed in rough denim and a sleeveless leather vest.  The story ends with all the men fucking butt to butt to butt to butt to butt, and my reader gets it from there.  Despite the graphic intensity of this image what is absolutely important about this story, which is told as a series of pictures, is that all the men who are having sex in this bathroom are smiling.RF - ToF 005

That may not seem terribly important, but for the time this story was drawn out it was not only controversial, it was unprecedented.

I don’t apologize for admitting that I’m a consumer of pornography.  And to be perfectly honest, there isn’t anyone living in this contemporary period who should.  Pornography has transcended its previous space in society which, until recently, was at the bottom of your dad’s sock drawer or filing cabinets.  The days when little boys (and some girls, let’s be fair here) would steal their father’s Playboys and tremble as they turned pages discovering the awesome power of airbrushing has passed, and now generations of little boys (and girls, again, let’s be fair) now have an unlimited supply of images and videos of naked people fucking.  Now there’s plenty of discourse about whether this new openness and ease of access to pornography is negatively affecting the population, but that’s for another essay.

I am a Tom a5 cart_pb278consumer of pornography, and while at times this is a fact that can be embarrassing there is one crucial fact that needs to be observed: I watch and consume gay porn because I’m queer and I want to remain faithful to my wife.

It’s taken quite a while to develop the kind of confidence to admit this, both out loud and to millions of anonymous strangers on the internet, but it’s a fact nonetheless.  Since I came out I’ve begun to read more and more about bisexual identity, homosexual identity, and more specifically about sexual intimacy between men.  My growing Queer library is almost completely dominated by men (phrasing) and one book in this ever-Touko-Laaksonen-1959rising mountain of same-sex intimacy has become not only one of my favorite books, but also the most important: The Complete Kake Comics.

Kake, pronounced Kah-ke or cake, dealer’s choice, is the creation of a man by the name of Touko Laaksonen and has become since his early appearance in the 1950s and 60s, and icon of gay and bisexual male culture.  With his leather jacket, slim moustache, and black leather cap Kake established a visual ideal from which gay men the world over identified and mimicked in their dress and overall behavior.  If the reader has never observed or read any of the Kake comics I’ve provided some images within the body of this essay, some of which are obviously hyperbolic and purely pornographic.  I Tom of Finland
discovered Kake, and his creator Tom of Finland, completely by accident.  I wish there was a dignified way of explaining this serendipity other than “I googled hot guys and look what came out” but, yeah, again, dignity, that’s a thing I don’t possess.

In my defense, however, after discovering the snippets of online content of Tom’s work I managed to track down a complete book on Amazon which I purchased and read.  Studying the drawings was entertaining, not just for the obvious perverted reason, but because Tom of Finland manages to illustrate beautiful scenes of men fucking in a wide variety of contexts and locations and each page is beautiful for the perspective and attention to detail.  Reading the book I enjoyed seeing these handsome men having fun and enjoying themselves and fucking with abandon because, unlike most of the pornography in the contemporary market, these men looked like they were actually having fun while they fucked.  The sex wasn’t about berating your partner, calling him a bitch or a fag, and then relishing in any pain.  The sex was just about enjoying yourself.tom-of-finland-4

That, and there’s also lots of gargantuan cocks.

This is a long introduction however to my real focus which is a book that few people will ever actually read.  Tom of Finland: His Life and Times by F. Valentine Hooven III is out of print and so it’s unlikely that outside of a few die-hard fans the book will ever be encountered by the casual reader of queer studies.  It’s because the book is out of print that I felt compelled to write about it, but also because, as I noted before, Tom’s men are beautiful examples of what sex between men (and sex between people) should look like.

Hooven observes this as he examines Tom’s men:

The Third element of Tom’s art was its sense of humor.  For whatever reason, sex and laughter have been linked throughout history.  From Lysistrata to Tom Jones to Lolita, the preponderance of the great works of erotica have been comedies and even in the narrower field of hard-core pornography a large number of better works […] combine humor with their graphic depiction of sex.  Tom followed 63af78865fa6a36b01c52af1d06da614
firmly in this tradition and consciously imbued his drawings with a general sense of light-hearted play.  No heavy-handed drama, no sense of “the love that dare not speak its name” was permitted to intrude.  Even when Tom’s men steal and fight and tie one another up, there is an overall feeling of “Hey, that was fun.  Let’s do it again!”  (92-3).

It’s a pathetic state of affairs when this paragraph hits a familiar ear.  Hooven I would argue accurately sums up the problem of much of the early pornographic writing, or even simply romantic writing, of the time because anyone who has ever read much early queer fiction recognizes that much of it is nothing but queer people mourning their very existence.  This isn’t just my own observation, for even queer critics and historians have noted this tragedy in works that are now cannon of queer literature, the most obvious example being Radcliffe Hall’s The Well of Loneliness.

The 41gR9euH6TL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_novel is a romance that was published in 1928 and told the story of two lesbians, one of which assumed a kind of personality and physical make-up that many would refer to as butch.  It’s a mode of being that assumes what some in culture would refer to as “masculine traits” but it retains the gender identification of female.  The Well of Loneliness was made a bit of hubbub when it was first published, and in their book Female Masculinity Jack Halberstam observes the gender matter in the novel, while observing this narrative trend:

Both novels [The Well of Loneliness & The Picture of Dorian Grey] depict homosexuality as congruent with some kind of gender inversion, and both depict the subterranean worlds of homosexuals as lonely drug dens filled with moral perversion.  […]  Some lesbian critics have begun the work of recuperating The Well of Loneliness by referencing it as a brave depiction of butch sexuality that replaces a model of lesbianism as a sin with medical and sociological models of the lesbian as invert and victim respectively.  (98).tumblr_ninyvrL0re1s05p4to1_500

I could get into a long explanation as to why many of the early queer authors were forced to write about homosexual existence as a morbid affair, but the simplest explanation is the fact that homosexuality was still considered either a vice or else a mental disorder.  Many homosexual people could face outright persecution, exile from loved ones, incarceration in mental hospitals where all manner of tragedies including lobotomy and electroshock could occur, and outright death sentences.  Is it any wonder then that homosexual life, and sex, was often portrayed by writers as gloomy and miserable?

Taking this knowledge into account Tom of Finland’s work is simply incredible for its time.  It’s not just that the art work is provocative and satisfies what is sometimes referred to as “hard-core pornography.”  One crucial element makes his work as powerful and dynamic as it is and Hooven explains it to his reader.

But there was one aspect of Tom’s work above all the others that made it unforgettable.  This element was the very one Tom worked the hardecowboys-tom-of-finland-3
st to add to his drawings.  It was partly a compendium of the three qualities already mentioned: the sense of humor, the feeling of immediacy, and the more and more blatant homosexuality; but it was more than just a sum of these three.  It could be as simple as a smile, yet it was one of the hardest things to draw deliberately; Tom managed to portray it.  Namely, his men were unmistakably happy.

Happy homosexualsThat was new!  (94).

If the reader is not familiar with the history of homosexual people, this sentence could almost be eyerolling in its sentiment.  Current media being what it is, many people might immediately push back and wonder why this presentation was so unique.  RF - ToF 013Hell, just a casual glance through the perverted landscape of Tumblr is enough to make anyone question why would the presentation of happy queer men be so shocking or important?  My response to this, dear reader, is exactly the last line of Hooven’s analysis.  These happy homosexuals were new.

Queer artists interested in presenting homosexual sex, both in terms of serious art as well as pornography owe their freedom in this capacity to Tom of Finland because the man’s work established a precedent where men could illustrate sex between men as something that was fun.  And considering the presentation of sex that often occurs in art this is still something relevant.  Watching sex scenes in movies and T.V. shows and even in pornography, most of it isn’t about fun.  Sex is often just about scratching an itch, completing one’s sense of identity, showing it as part of a lifestyle, filling an emotional void, or at its worse, proving your virility.  There really hasn’t been any presentation of sex as something fun as far as I can see apart from a few obscure artists and Tom of Finland.53 Leather guys by Tom of Finland

In fact, to be honest, the last sex scene I watched on television that made it appear that sex was something fun was the sex between Gabe and Samantha White on the Netflix show Dear White People, or the masturbation scene with Lionel.  Both of these scenes show people have sex or masturbating and at the end it’s clear that the act was about enjoying yourself and just having fun.

Looking at my own desire I think this is the reason why I keep returning to Tom of Finland over and over again, because while it is just about the itch of masturbation, there’s always another level in it for me.  I want my desire to be something healthy, and I want the expression of it to be something fun.  Even if I can’t have sex with another man, if I could I wouldn’t want the experience to be just about proving my virility or enjoying a lifestyle.  There should be an honest joy in fucking because fucking is supposed to be fun.

It would be enough to observe that Hooven notes Tom’s approach to illustrating gay men as happy and content, but one other characteristic of his work is noted and catalogued in this biography.  The reader will probably observe in the images of Tom’s work an attention to clothes, specifically the way men are dressed in jeans, leather, or military uniforms.  I’ll admit freely this is also part of the appeal of these men for me.  I’ve noted in several essays that growing up I felt less than fully confident in my masculinity, not out of misidentification with my gender, but because I didn’t feel like I was a “real man.”  This still default_tom_compl_works_04_0707021130_id_62735exists to some extent (it’s hard to feel any kind of macho when you spend most of your working hours in dress pants and bow-ties), but part of the fun of my bisexuality has been discovering what kind of man turns me on, and it’s almost always working class men.

These men embody the kind of masculine ethos that I lacked with their denim, callused hands, and their down-to-earth attitudes.  And, if I can speak plainly, it’s mostly because they’re fucking hot as fuck.

This image of queer men however was something that, much like images of happy men, were unheard of.  Queer men of the previous era were resigned to the “invert” or else the “fairy,” characters who were effeminate, flambouyant, and almost always self-loathing.  It should be noted that effeminate queer men were and are legitimate personality types, and while not every queer man subscribes to that label no one should feel bad if they are a queen.  Still for many men this gender presentation wasn’t true to their selves and so they found in Tom of Finland’s work a mode of dress that matched their perception of what masculinity was.1 A TOMOF FINLAND KAKE HP 22 CCC

Hooven writes:

From 1957 on, Tom’s Work set up a series of powerfully masculine images for large numbers of gay men.  In the wake of the 1969 Stonewall riots and the advent of gay pride, many of those men were no longer satisfied to merely lust after Tom’s men.  In the seventies, San Francisco’s “Castro clone” look—Levi’s, boots, and work shirts—swept the gay scene, and gay men began to try to be Tom’s men.  Even as the baby-boom gays aged during the eighties, they strove to emulate the Tom of Finland ideal.  More and more of them began working out; super-butch haircuts and outfits and attitudes spread in popularity.  So Tom’s work in the eighties presented an older but butcher male.  In a way, this alteration was a reflection of changes in gay male society that were in turn partially a reflection of Tom’s work in the fifties, sixties, and seventies.  (164-5).x51dyo7

I’ve divulged a lot about myself in this essay, and probably revealed aspects of my personal life many people were probably happy never knowing, but after I finished Tom of Finland: His Life and Times I realized that I had to write about this book, not just because of what Tom’s work has meant for me and my personal sexual development, but for millions of men across the world.  New generations of gay, bisexual, and queer young men will discover the man’s work and find in his images their own erotic truth.  They’ll find images of men that satisfy their erotic interest, and some of them will be so inspired that they’ll pick up a pen and start drawing.

Pornography as a mode of art does not receive a great deal of credit or respect, and studying it as I have it’s pretty clear not much of it deserves credit.  Pornography as an art is usually a back-scratcher: it’s designed to take care of an itch and then be laid aside and quickly forgotten.  Growing up the way I did, I realize however that pornography was an intimate part of my sexual development and has been for millions of young people.  As human beings progress forward into this20160610044917-61.05_16x20_rgb Information age, online pornography is going to shape the sexual lives of young people and so the work of someone like Tom of Finland is not just an esoteric study, it’s something important to talk about.

If people are going to be exposed to pornography at young ages, it’s important then that they understand what healthy sex is.  Looking at the landscape of pornography Tom of Finland’s work is a beautiful exception because it encourages people to be themselves and be happy.  Rather than present sexuality as something violent or misogynistic, Tom’s work is just sexual play.  It’s appeal to the imagination where human beings can just imagine fun situations that can be repeated over and over again by turning the page and seeing a new angle or a new position.  It may be pornography, but at least it offers a healthy view into sexuality.

And, if I can make at least one more appeal, it offers a firm reminder that there’s something about a man in uniform.




*Writer’s Note*

All quotes taken from Tom of Finland: His Life and Times were provided from the First edition St. Martin’s Press hardback copy.

NOTE: This book is currently out of print, therefore tracking a copy down for yourself will be difficult…unless you follow the link below to amazon where you can buy a copy.  Tom of Finland is just too important to be forgotten


And if the reader would be interested in finding The Complete Kake Comics, you can follow the link below:


If the reader is also interested, there exists an entire Library/Foundation dedicated to the life, art, and cultural preservation of Tom’s work entitled The Tom of Finland Foundation.  I’ve provided a link below to their website where the reader can become a member, or simply browse the artwork.  It’s no small comment to say I support this organization completely, philosophically, sexually, intellectually, etc.  Keep up the great work y’all!





**Writer’s Note**

My reader may have observed me using the word Queer in place of Gay for most of this essay.  I’ve decided that whenever I write about same-sex intimacy between men that I will use queer in place of Gay, not out of a desire of homosexual erasure, but more as a way of leveling the playing field.  I’m a bisexual man who prefers the term queer tom_of_finland_blue_collar_pi_int_3d_48609_1604281645_id_1022712because my desire is pretty open ended.  Plus, not knowing the sexual identity of my reader I feel queer provides more of a safety net.  Writing out “queer man” is far simpler than “gay, bisexual, pansexual, man.”

If you hate me for this please remember that we’re all united in our love of cock.  It is, to quote the great philosopher, just fantastic.



***Writer’s Note***

I also found, during research, a link to an article about a film recently made about the life of Tom of Finland.  If the reader is interested simply follow the link below:


I also found an article published in The Advocate about the lasting importance of Tom of Finland: