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Atomic Library

Hello all,

I try my best not to “plug” materials, movements, or programs on this site, largely because I’m a self-obsessed loser who requires constant external validation and so when somebody else steals focus my initial reaction is to freak out.  Still, another one of my personal idiosyncrasies is doing my absolute best to support my friends and make their work known in any and all way that I can.  I don’t have much in this life, but I do have this blog and so I wanted to talk about the podcast The Atomic Library.

My friends Christina Chaney and Lara Tabri have begun a podcast about the Orson Welles Public library in the town of Haven-Hollow following the Apocalypse.  The podcast is a radio-drama that follows the protagonist of Hazel and Margery, as well as the city Librarian, Reference Librarian, Youth services librarian, and the rest of staff which includes a precocious temp-employee and a pompous archivist who may or may not have been lossely (heavily) inspired by yours truly.  The Atomic Library is hysterical at every-turn and an oddly and bizzarly accurate depiction of day-to-day library operations even if it involves a populace dealing with the implosion of society and nuclear armagedon.

The podcast is also unique for being a reverse-Shakespeare performance in that literally every cast member is played by a woman

This podcast is a delight, and I say this with no hesitation whatsoever, that I will drop whatever I’m doing the moment a new episode drops.  So please, if you have even just a few minutes, check out this wonderful podcast my friends have worked so hard in producing.  Library matter, and the people who work to make them great put everything they have into ensuring that patrons leave satisfied.  Lara and Chris have made something wonderful and the reader is sure to agree with me.


You can listen to the podcast by following the link’s below:







You can also check out their social media pages where you can keep track of their work and progress:



Ans finally they also have a Patreon Account where you can support them and help them keep this podcast going.  Check these guys out they’re awesome!!!