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Behold the Great man has discovered Radio!  And video!  And how to advertize.  This site has always been about me promoting works of great writing that I feel are worth people’s time, offer up a personal critical take of said work, and also an oppurtunity to relish in a little of unashamed nerddom. Recently I’ve begun recording podcasts with the concerted effort of turning them into videos on YouTube, while also posting them separately to SoundCloud and, as far as this writing, hopefully to iTunes.

These videos and podcasts reflect my desire to talk and nerd-out shameless to works of History that I think are worth people’s time and consideration.  And hopefully, if I’ve done my job right, or if I’ve accidentally become entertaining, my reader will find some satisfaction in my work.

Below are links to the places where the reader can find, watch, and/or listen to my podcasts.


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